Dedicated to the tireless efforts of George H. Zimmerman '47.

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Fight Band
Beta Bells
Down in Old Virginny
Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha
"The Dreamgirl of Pi K A" by Vaughn Monroe & his Orchestra - The Camel Caravan Shows 1950-1951
He Rambled
How'd You Like to be a PiKA?
PiKA Forever


Sons Are We of Pi K A

Sons Are We of Pi K A, 
Born of the Shield and Diamond, 
Bred in our Fraternity. 
We will live eternally 
To lead the rest into a life so bold, 
Brotherhood is ours to hold. 
Sons Are We of Pi K A, 
The light of the world today!

To the Red! - To the Gold! 
To the bonds of our Fraternity. 
To the Sword! - To the Key! 
To the name you'll hear eternally. 
Hail, oh, hail our Alma Mater true. Hey! 
Hail, oh, hail to Pi K A. 
Hail to the Garnet and Gold. 
Cheer until the world all knows 
Which fraternity will hold 
To make the rest stand up and laud the fame 
That we have won today. 
Hail, and ever praise the name of dear old Pi K A!

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Old Miami , New Miami (Alma Mater)

Original verses by A.H. Upham

Old Miami from thy hillcrest, 
Thou hast watched the decades roll, 
While thy sons have quested from thee, 
Sturdy hearted, pure of soul.

Aging in thy simple splendor, 
Thou the calm and they the storm; 
Thou didst give them joy in conquest, 
Strength from thee sustained their arm.

Now of late thyself envigored, 
Larger usefulness awaits; 
Hosts assemble for thy blessing, 
Youth and maiden throng thy gate.

Thou shalt stand a constant beacon, 
Crimson tow'rs against the sky; 
Men shall ever seek thy guiding, 
Pow'r like thine shall never die.

Chorus (between each verse and at end) 
Old Miami! New Miami ! 
Days of old and days to be; 
Weave the story of thy glory, 
Our Miami, here's to thee!

Additional verses added April 1989 (solicited from alumni, students, faculty, staff):

Our Miami , alma mater, 
Ages old yet ever new; 
Sons and daughters from your hillcrest, 
Roam the world, yet ne'er leave you.

You've embraced the generations, 
Men and women, young and old, 
Of all races, from all nations, 
And your glory will be told.

Though the years may bring their changes, 
Your bright lamp will ever burn, 
Giving wisdom, truth, and knowledge 
To each one who comes to learn.

Our Miami , you were founded 
In our nation's early days; 
Now we join with generations 
In this song of love and praise.

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Miami March Song (Fight Song)

words by R.H. Burke


Love and honor to Miami ,
Our college old and grand,
Proudly we shall ever hail thee,
Over all the land.

Alma mater now we praise thee,
Sing joyfully this lay,
Love and honor to Miami ,
Forever and a day.

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Down in Old Virginny

[David Kitchen, Alpha Lambda]

It was down in old Virginny 
Where Pi K A began, 
Its Honor and its Loyalty, 
First took its noble stand 
The unity of this Fraternity 
Can weather all storms that may come.

Pi K A has the men that stand way above the rest, 
To all fraternity men it represents the best; 
For the Garnet and the Gold 
Will ne'er grow old 
In the heart of every Pi K A.

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Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha

The Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha, 
Is the dream girl I'll always adore 
She's enchanting as the star-light, and oh, how I long 
To be the lucky one boy to whom she'll belong.

The Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha 
Is the ideal of all that I love 
We put our hearts in the game 
But whose heart will she claim? 
Will the Pi Kappa Alpha dream girl be mine?

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He Rambled

He rambled up to College Town 
He thought he'd join a Frat 
He thought he'd take a look around 
To see where he was at 
Because he was a fellow of whom we'd all been told 
The colors that he wore next day, 
Were the Garnet and the Gold.

He rambled, he rambled, 
He rambled all around, in and out of town 
He rambled, he rambled 
He rambled 'til he got the colors on.

He rambled 'round the campus 
To see what he could see 
He examined all the social life 
Of each Fraternity 
He didn't have to flip a coin, he didn't have to choose 
He wouldn't trade his Pi Kap pin 
For a case of finest booze.


He rambled up to Vassar 
He thought he'd get a date 
He found that when he'd got there 
He was a year too late 
The girls were all so pretty, he didn't have a chance 
They all were wearing Pi Kap pins, 
The key to fine romance.

(chorus, as part of group sings:)

Mary had a Pi Kap pin, Mary had a Pi Kap pin 
Mary had a Pi Kap pin, Mary had a Pi Kap pin 
Mary had a Pi Kap pin, Mary had a Pi Kap pin, 
Mary had a Pi Kap pin on.

He rambled up to Heaven 
To see who all was there 
He found the gang a-waitin' round 
The foot of the Golden Stair 
Some were smoking cigarettes, they all were feeling gay 
They all were damn good friends of his, 
They all were Pi K A!

(chorus twice)

He rambled, he rambled, he rambled, he rambled 
To get the colors on 
He rambled, he rambled, he rambled, he rambled 
To get the colors on 
He rambled, he rambled, he rambled, he rambled, 
He rambled, he rambled, he rambled, he rambled, 
He rambled, he rambled, he rambled, he rambled, 
To get the colors on, to get the colors 
Get the colors, get the colors, get the colors on!

[Dave Bates, Gamma Omicron '54]

He rambled down to Hades to see the poor lost souls. 
He saw a bunch of Beta Thets a roastin' on the coals. 
The Sigma Chi's and Theta Chi's were sizzle happy done. 
While the Pi K A's in velvet chairs were watching all the fun.

[Ralph Turner, Gamma Chi '66]

Now Adam was the first man to wear the PiKA pin 
And Noah was the second, cause Adam let him in, 
And Sampson was the strongest although he had the itch 
And if Caesar were alive today we'd pledge the son of a bitch.


Salome was a PiKA girl she did the hoochy cooch. 
All the fellows liked her cause she didn't wear to mooch. 
Then one day the king did say, "We'll have no scandals here." 
"The hell we won't," Salome said, and kicked the chandeliers.


Now don't get disconcerted if you should stray your path 
And start to flunk your morals like you used to flunk your math, 
And don't be disappointed when you hear the funeral bell, 
Cause we've got a damn good chapter in the very depth of hell.

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How'd You Like To Be A Pi K A?

How'd you like to be a Pi K A, 
To bear the Shield and Diamond ev'ry day 
Wear our colors, the Garnet and the Gold, 
Which all with honor hold since chivalrous days of knighthood old, 
My fellows, 
Come and join the best Fraternity, 
Pledge yourself to strictest loyalty, 
Phi, phi K A will mean a lot to you 
When you're a Pi K A!

How'd you like to love a Pi K A, 
To be the sweetheart of a Pi K A, 
Wear our colors, the Garnet and the Gold, 
Which all with honor hold since chivalrous days of knighthood old, 
My Dearie, 
Come and join the best Fraternity, 
Pledge yourself in strictest loyalty, 
Phi, phi K A will mean a lot to you 
To love a Pi K A!

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Pi K A Forever

Pi Kappa Alpha strong in each voice 
Thy song rings true and sweet 
Pi Kappa Alpha deep in each heart 
Thy name is in every beat 
Then Brothers, may every heart and voice 
To her be lifted high 
Fill up the cup, together we'll pledge 
The vows that never shall die.

We'll pledge the toast to which each Brother 
His heart and voice may give 
Friendship and love in Pi Kappa Alpha 
To strengthen them while we live. 
The clasp of the hand, the eye's kinding truth 
Shall these be of the past? 
These we have known in college days 
We'll know them to the last.

Pi Kappa Alpha, high thy praise 
Was sung by songs of yore 
Thy mystic charm shall gladden all Brothers 
To sing it forever more! 
Thy key shall open every door, thy sword quell every foe 
In every land thy shield shall guard thy Diamond's eternal glow.

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Pals of the Garnet and Gold

We who are comrades at college, 
We who have gone from the halls, 
Whose voices are now but an echo 
down through the corridor walls, 
There is a union that binds us, 
There is a banner that cheers, 
There is a sign that reminds us 
Of friends that die not with the years: (refrain) 
Oh the Pi and Kappa and Alpha, 
The crest of the Diamond and Shield! 
High symbols that serve as reminders 
To be men in the classroom or field; 
It's the grip of a hand that is tighter, 
It's the throb of a heart that is bold. 
Oh, it's friend and friend to the world's far end, 
Pals of the Garnet and Gold! Loyalty tried through the seasons, 
Faith in the strength of the whole, 
With friendship that never knows treason 
And will to attain the goal - 
This is the creed that we cherish; 
Grant that our deeds be as strong. 
When we forget, may we perish. 
Let this be the strain of our song: (refrain)

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